​After the Pandemic Eclipse Diamond Pendants - New Collection

I trust that you are doing ok whilst we are experiencing the pandemic. I know for me it’s been a good time to reflect, as well as be creative.

For me, I want this time to be a time for a reset of humanity. We are learning once again how to have kindness for our fellow human beings. We are learning to stay in contact and say I love you more often. The virus doesn’t identify with race, gender, or political and geographic borders. And I believe we shouldn’t either.

I confess, I have a fantasy of sorts of a new earth existence where people are treated equally and no one is powerful enough to influence undesirable activity. People would have jobs and responsibilities, and although some people will lead and organize, they do not control the rest of the workers. CEO’s aren’t controlled by shareholders, they do what is best for all – the environment, the workers, and the livability in that locality. I do believe that if greed and power were removed from our existence, people would treat each other with respect and kindness. This fantasy existence is my deepest desire.

When I was thinking of all of my ideals, I realized that a good analogy is the eclipse. In prehistoric times, people took an eclipse as fearful times followed by a time of reconciliation or big changes. I had the privilege to see a total eclipse twice in my life - In 1979 and in 2018. It seems appropriate that if I am desiring a reset of humanity, that it might begin with an eclipse, followed by the new paradigm. This was the inspiration for my latest limited-edition collection I call “After the Pandemic – Eclipse Diamond Ring Effect”.

During a solar eclipse, there is an effect known as the Diamond Ring. At this point in the solar eclipse, the sun is just starting to emerge from behind the moon. Along with the halo of the sun behind the moon, a brilliant light like a gemstone appears briefly.

I have captured this moment of the eclipse in these pendants. Out of the chaos of the universe, a stone represents a moon. The diamond is shining on the right, and at the left, streamers from the sun trail off into space. The back side is studded with fireworks signifying that not only have we emerged from the depths of the pandemic, but we can celebrate a reset of our human existence that provides a level playing field for all of humanity.

I have completed three pendants so far, you can find them here: https://gaiassongjewelry.com/after-the-pandemic-pendants/

They are completely in .999 Fine silver, and available while they last. I have plans for 16 more pendants and I want to make some earrings that have the same theme as well. Keep checking back. As I complete more pieces, they will be added to the collection.