Doing my part for the environment

Gaia's Song Jewelry has a commitment to do everything I can to make the world a better place to live in. My family uses electricity wisely and we are on the PGE Electricity plan that uses 100% renewable resources. Here's an excerpt of a report I received from PGE called "Your 2018 Green Future power report". 

Here’s your personal 2018 Green FutureSM annual report

Your purchase of 7404 kilowatt hours of renewable energy in 2018 avoided more than 11290 pounds of CO2 from entering the air. That’s the same as not driving more than 12587 miles!

All in for a clean energy future
Your renewable energy certificates purchase comes from a blend of Northwest resources, including:
  • 70% wind
  • 24% solar
  • 4% biomass
  • 1% low-impact hydro
  • 1% geothermal

An even bigger impact
With Green Future, you and over 200,000 customers also directly support local renewable energy projects through the Renewable Development Fund. To date, you’ve helped:

  • Give $14 million to our community for clean energy projects
  • Fund 56 projects, including the solar panels on the Oregon Zoo’s Education Center
  • Create an additional 13 MW of renewable energy

Thank you for choosing a 100% committment to clean energy.