Making my own Sterling Silver findings – Substitute one today!

Findings are defined as those little hardware parts that connect or embellish jewelry. One of my goals when I started to work with Precious Metal Silver Clay was to start making my own findings. Finally, I have had the chance, and I am so pleased with the results!

This week, I made four Necklace Toggle Clasps from Sterling silver .960 pure silver. This Sterling has a higher percentage of silver than standard Sterling. It looks bright and shiny. I used beautiful faunal textures on both sides.

If you are looking at one of my necklaces online, and you would like to substitute one of the following toggles, please let me know and I’ll upgrade for the cost of the metal used. 

This one is a heart and arrow to symbolize your love and affection.


This one is a classic teardrop shape.


Here’s another teardrop, but the bar is tapered on one end.


Lastly, this is a square one.