Millefiori mashup

I recently got some "millefiori" beads and made them into a bunch of necklaces. I decided to do some research on them and I found out that my beads use the millefiori technique, but are a more productionized version of the prized Venetian Murano Glass millefiori pieces. This helps keep the cost for me (and you) down, yet lets you enjoy the lovely trademark look. You can see them all in my new Glass Collection;

You can read Wikipedia's explanation of it here it describes the technique's use in ancient glass and how the technique was lost in the 18th century and then the 19th century.

At Glass of Venice's website, you can find more information and pictures of the stages of the technique:

Another view of the technique can be found at Alva and Passion:

More examples from Walls with Stories: 

Here are pictures of my necklaces and bracelet I made with the millefiori beads I got: