Not Just Promises of Silver Pieces

I'm feeling really jazzed today because I now have 5 silver pieces completed and on my website! I'm also working on some more in the coming weeks.

This one is my favorite so far! It's like peeking through a window into the garden:

You can wear it on a ribbon, some suede, or on a silver chain. With all of the silver decorations, this one weighs in with 28 luscious grams of .999 fine silver. I tried it on for a day and felt wonderful. I love the pattern of the Jasper stone. It reminds me of the forest floor. 

Some of my earlier pieces are ready as well. These are sweet pure silver pieces.

And the dolphin looks great also, despite all of the challenges. I tried it on for a day also and got so many compliments. It turns out the colors in the agate and carnelian match my hair. I would think it would match most colors of hair, but especially browns, blondes, and red-heads.

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