​Stone pendant necklace collection

These stone wedges make great unisex pendants. 

They are on linen cord which are knotted to be adjustable in length. You can use this cord or unknot and tie your own way or replace with your own cord. See my blog : https://gaiassongjewelry.com/blog/slipknot-adjustable-cords-diy-instructions/ on how to tie the same knot if it comes undone or you want to do it with your own cord.

Check them out at

https://gaiassongjewelry.com/exotic-necklaces/?sort=priceasc&page=2 and https://gaiassongjewelry.com/exotic-necklaces/?sort=priceasc&page=3

Note, if you are wondering about the knot on the stone, it's a Larks Head Knot. You can find out how this is done by searching for Larks Head Knot on Pinterest. Here's a quick one here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/151363237465426324/