Necklace - Quartz Tube Flowers with Green Opal and Verdi-Antique Serpentine (22 inches)

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After a long winter, you can finally see the new green shoots in your garden. This necklace shouts "Spring at last!". The fresh green flowers alternate with leaves the color of new leaves. This beautiful necklace celebrates spring with alternating leaves and tube-flowers. I hand-selected three Chartreuse-colored Quartz tube flowers and alternate them with four Verdi-Antique Serpentine leaves. The strand is green opal and a green-colored stone with a toggle-clasp closure.


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 0016 Product Characteristics

 Leaf Pendant

   height-30mm-200x200.png   width-16-mm-200x200.png

Flower Pendant

   height-40mm-200x200.png   width-16-mm-200x200.png


length-22.0-inches-200x200.png       thick-10mm-200x200.png      gold-plated-200x200.png     weight-68-gm-200x200.png   

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