Over time, my jewelry brand has evolved and with the evolution, I went through a few name changes. First it was Deni Mari Designs, then Deni Marie Classique, and now, I feel that the name Gaia's Song Jewelry best represents what my jewelry brand is all about.


All along, the theme has been nature. The beads I use harmonize with each other and they speak to the woman who loves nature and wants to take it with her when she's at formal or casual occasions. My jewelry balances on the fine line between formal and casual. I use sterling silver and gold filled for the formal look, but I also love to play with plated and patinated metals that match the stones in the piece.


I have done large, medium, and small shows over the last 6 years. Here are some pictures of the booth setups I had at some of them. I used to sell more beaded item types than I do today, so you will see product lines that have been discontinued on some of them. My focus now is on necklaces, pendants and earrings only. Each venue had a different sized and shaped booth or tables, so you will see below a lot of different configurations. The  following pictures are of events where I had the most success. I have a lot of display pieces available and I use them in different configurations to maximize the impact, or deal with venue oddities like busy walls behind me.


Please also check out my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GaiasSongJewerly/

My Instagram page is inactive right now, but feel free to take a look: https://www.instagram.com/gaiassongjewelry/


Most recently, I was the featured fine crafter at the Village Gallery of Arts!


In 2014, as Deni Marie Classique, I was at the Women's Expo at the convention center in Portland, Oregon. I used my formal table skirts and had a banner made. This was a 10 x 10 booth.



This was the Oregon Buddhist Temple event in 2016. I had a U shaped booth. I improvised with the dark green sheet behind the grid wall so that my necklaces would be seen better. The wall art was too busy.



Here at BPA, I have three tables in a zig-zag formation in a conference room.



Here I'm at BPA Headquarters in 2016.


To summarize, I am now called Gaia's Song Jewelry and I only sell necklaces, pendants and earrings along with chains and cords for the pendants. The other items you see have been discontinued.