Product Uniqueness Information:

All my pieces are unique and inspired by nature. I hand-craft them in my home studio in Portland, Oregon. You will receive the exact piece that is pictured in the listing.

Are all pieces One-of-a-kind?

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Yes, Every piece I make is totally unique considering all the materials used. Only one lucky customer will become the owner of the piece. I may have similar items in other colors, or in the case of earrings, I may use a vastly different earwire with a similar dangle. When you compare them, there are always noticeable differences between the similar pieces. When working with stone pendants, each stone has its own composition and pattern of materials. For example, I have several pairs of Fossilized Coral drop earrings. The shape may be similar, but each has its own unique earwire and of course, the pattern of the coral is different in each drop. I hand-pick the stones for their unique beauty. I pass up tons of stones with the same material that are not up to my standards. I encourage you to snap up a piece that you resonate with as soon as you can before someone buys it first.