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Pendant - Fine Silver Landscape and Cedar with Labradorite

When I picked up this Labradorite stone and tipped it in the light, a beautiful landscape appeared. There is a mountain at the right, trailing downwards to the left. Above it is a golden sky like you can see near sunset. I framed it in a landscape of...

Pendant - Fine Silver with Lapis Lazuli Flower

This Lapis Lazuli Flower is set in .999 Fine Silver that has a golden sheen patina The silver ruffles around the flower and the back texture is leaves of a similar patina.  There are few truly blue flowers in nature, but if there were any, it would...

Pendant - Fine Silver Turtle with Kiwi Jasper

Somewhere in the tropics you can find a turtle swimming. This turtle has a lovely shell made of Kiwi Jasper, also known as Sesame Jasper. The under-shell (back) is marked with wave markings and has a hidden bail to thread your cord or chain. The necklace...

Pendant - Fine Silver Oval with Chrysanthemum Jasper

Chrysanthemum flowers look like bursting fireworks. This flower is well regarded in Asia and has many meanings like love, joy, longevity and happiness. The stone in this pendant bursts with rockets and fireworks. The stone is framed with a floral...

Pendant - Fine Silver Owl with Labradorite

The owl has been the symbol of wisdom for ages. This lovely fine silver owl looks over her shoulder as only owls can do. She pivoted her head nearly all of the way to her back and she stares at you with wide silver eyes. A little spark of classic...

Pendant - Agate with a .999 Fine Silver Frame

Like a Window into the Garden! Bring the garden indoors. When I found this stone, I could see a garden pond with plant life surrounding it. I love the greens, browns and oranges in it. This beautiful organic colored agate stone is framed with silver...