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Pendant - Fine Silver Hot Air Balloon with Uankite

This Unakite stone in this piece is the third the hot-air balloon series. The stone is a perfect shape like a hot-air balloon. This balloon is suspended on a background of tapered triangular-shaped clouds. The back has a silver raindrop pattern. ...

Pendant - Fine Silver and Agate Honeybee

As soon as I spotted this light yellow banded agate, I thought it was a honeybee! I put it on a background of flowers and I even put flowers on the back side. The cord goes through a little twig-like portion to complete the nature scene. This unique one...

Fine Silver and Agate Heart Pendant

This pale yellow agate heart popped up in a basket of agates collected on the Oregon coast. Someone in my family picked it up and it joined the pounds of other agates in the basket. I decided not to tumble it because it might change the shape. It's a raw...

Pendant - Eclipse Fine Silver with Paintbrush Jasper

This is the medium-small sized pendant in the Eclipse Collection. I love the stone because it looks like the a leopard or the Moon's surface. ECLIPSE COLLECTION: During a solar eclipse, there is an effect known as the Diamond Ring. At this point in the...

Pendant - Fine Silver Owl with Labradorite

The owl has been the symbol of wisdom for ages. This lovely fine silver owl looks over her shoulder as only owls can do. She pivoted her head nearly all of the way to her back and she stares at you with wide silver eyes. A little spark of classic...

Pendant - Fine Silver Seahorse with Green Zebra Jasper

I had this great green zebra jasper stone that has silver ripples through it. They reminded me of sea grass. What better than a seahorse to place on the sea grass. As I made the piece, I felt like I was in the tropic sea where the warm sea bobs you back...

Pendant - Agate with a .999 Fine Silver Frame

Like a Window into the Garden! Bring the garden indoors. When I found this stone, I could see a garden pond with plant life surrounding it. I love the greens, browns and oranges in it. This beautiful organic colored agate stone is framed with silver...