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Fine Silver and Agate Heart Pendant

This pale yellow agate heart popped up in a basket of agates collected on the Oregon coast. Someone in my family picked it up and it joined the pounds of other agates in the basket. I decided not to tumble it because it might change the shape. It's a raw...

Pendant - Eclipse Fine Silver with no stone (3)

This is the no-stone version of the pendant in the Eclipse Collection. This is a thicker silver version of the economy version of the pendant which matches similar earrings as well. ECLIPSE COLLECTION: During a solar eclipse, there is an effect known as...

Pendant - Seashell made with .999 Fine Silver

The scallop seashell is the classic icon of the beach. Everyone loves to walk on a sunny tropical beach, or to snorkel or dive in the shallows and see it in its home.  Sandro Botticelli, a Renaissance artist depicted the goddess Venus emerging...