Let's Talk Wholesale!


Gaia's Song Jewelry -  One-of-a-kind designs are available for qualified re-sellers.

Wholesale Prices are available to registered re-sale businesses. As a retailer, you will appreciate that Gaia's Song Jewelry fully qualifies wholesale customers. Company Information is required before being granted access to wholesale prices. Please read all of the Wholesale Policies, Terms and Conditions below and then fill out the form at the bottom if you want to buy my one-of-a-kind nature-inspired jewelry wholesale from me.

Due to the nature of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, inventory is variable. The first buyer that purchases a piece gets it. There are no other copies available. The upside is that your order will be fulfilled almost immediately. There are no lag times for production work.

Wholesale Policy, Terms & Conditions

Below is a summary of the wholesale policy, including shipping and return details. See the Policy, Terms and Conditions page which also applies to wholesale purchases unless superseded below.

Feel free to email Denise@GaiasSongJewelry.com to discuss other options.

Wholesale Discount Percentage:

The Wholesale price is 50% of the Retail Price. Wholesale purchases will be executed on this website by using a specially issued 50% Coupon, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by Gaia's Song Jewelry. Due to the One-of-a-kind nature of the jewelry, pieces will not be held for Wholesale purchase unless agreed upon in writing by Gaia's Song Jewelry.

Wholesale Minimum Order Amount:

The Wholesale Minimum opening order is $1,000.00.  Subsequent Minimum Reorder amount is $400.00. 

First order must be by credit card. Subsequent orders can be net 30 or other as negotiated in writing upon approval


Shipping cost is embedded in the retail price. Therefore, you also will get free shipping.

All products are shipped through the US Post Office by default.  If you request or require other shipping modes, I are flexible and I am willing to discuss this.  A small handling charge may be added to the shipping cost to compensate for the extra work involved.  All extra shipping costs will be paid by the buyer, unless you have a written agreement from Gaia's Song Jewelry.


Payment fees are recognized before confirming the purchase.

All transfers conducted through the Gaia's Song Jewelry shop are handled and transacted through third party dedicated gateways to guarantee your protection.  Please read the terms & conditions for the payment gateway chosen for the transaction as they are responsible for the ensuring the transactions made successfully.

Please contact me if you want to be invoiced and have net 30 financing. This can be granted once your company has been fully vetted by Gaia's Song Jewelry.

Order Fulfillment:

Orders will be filled and shipped within 6-10 business days.  You will receive an email when the order has shipped. Delivery time is dependent on the shipping agency. If possible, a tracking number will be assigned to shipping. Additional insurance (if any) will be paid by the buyer.

Order Cancellation:

To cancel an order use the website to cancel. and/or send an email to: Denise@GaiasSongJewelry.com with "Cancel Order" in the subject line. Please include your Business Name and Gaia's Song Jewelry Invoice number for the order you are cancelling, the price charged for your order and any other pertinent information that will help me quickly stop the shipment on your order. 

Within 3 days of your cancellation request you will receive an email that the order has been cancelled and how your payment is being reversed.

If a cancellation is requested after you receive confirmation that the order has been shipped, email: Denise@GaiasSongJewelry.com  with "Cancel Order after Shipment" in the subject line. I will determine if the shipment can be refused or otherwise diverted back, or if you need to ship the package back to us. If this happens, you will pay for the return shipment. Credit - less a $5 handling fee which will be applied after the package has been returned.

Custom Work:

Gaia's Song Jewelry will entertain requests for custom work.  Generally the Gaia's Song Jewelry brand is for one-of-a-kind items.  However I will consider any ideas about special small batch orders or variations on existing Gaia's Song Jewelry designs.


As a general rule, Gaia's Song Jewelry does not consign.

Wholesale Contact Form

I will try to expedite the vetting process but please plan to allow up to 1 month for processing. 

Use the Contact form on this page to request wholesale privileges.