Gaia is the personification of Earth. Gaia’s Song Jewelry helps you stay grounded and connected to the earth and your deeper divine self, which has the energy and stability to fill you with the joy of living on this beautiful planet.

Touch the stone, leaf, or flower, and all the everyday chatter subsides. Just for a moment you are transported to your favorite place in nature. Even though you may not be able to physically escape as often as you need, this tranquility is open to you any time you want—if you stop what you are doing for a moment, take a deep breath, touch the outline of the piece, and let your mind travel to places of beauty. When you go back to your regular routine, you will have new energy to deal with whatever life tosses at you.

The name I’ve chosen for my jewelry brand contains many overlaying meanings that describe how you feel as you wear my jewelry.

Gaia is an old Greek word meaning the Earth. In the Greek pantheon of gods *, she was one of the first, after Chaos (chasm). Gaia is the personification of the earth, Mother Earth, and has come to symbolize the beauty and awesomeness of nature. She is associated with the Gaia’s Hypothesis, which asserts that the biological elements on the earth work in concert with one another. What we as humans do affects our environment and our well being.

* Note: The Greek god family tree is confusing and you can read two different version on Wikipedia

A song is a poem set to music. The music is comprised of harmonious chords from one or more instruments. It is sung to a melody and is often created by harmonizing voices.

Harmony is a combination of separate but related parts in a way that uses similarities to bring unity to something (e.g. a painting, drawing, or other artwork, or also a collaboration or other action). Our heartbeat is the rhythm of our bodies, and rhythm is the heartbeat of a song.


Taken together, Gaia’s Song Jewelry has the spirit of Gaia embodied in a rhythmic song and captured in jewelry made from semiprecious stones from the earth or in the image of earth’s life forms, such as animals and plants.

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(Denise Hershey) 

 Owner / Designer of Gaia's Song Jewelry

 My Passion is making jewelry that looks and feels harmonious. I use quality techniques to ensure each piece is sturdy and will stand up to normal use. I believe in my work so much that I will buy back any piece with no questions asked in the first 30 days you own it. If the color is wrong, if it doesn’t lay right, I hope to fix the problem so you love the piece. However, if the issue can’t be worked out, I’ll buy it back


My one-of-a-kind nature-inspired jewelry results from my childhood love of the outdoors. I use beads that have an image of a plant or animal, or they are pretty semi-precious stones that Mother Nature created. I love combining colors and textures into beautiful nature-inspired jewelry. 


 In my studio in southwest Portland, Oregon, I design and create all of my unique jewelry pieces in pleasing combinations of stone, metal, glass, or wooden beads. My pieces are elegant, yet natural, arrangements that feel comfortable to wear and make the wearer look beautiful, whether for dress-up or casual.


I appreciate beauty and enjoy surrounding myself with all things aesthetically pleasing. I’m a lifelong hands-on, 3-dimensional artist. I have a natural-born dexterity with tools, sports, and the arts. Years ago I took a ceramics course, but found myself drawn to sculpture and construction rather than dishes and bowls. Now I discover wonderful beads and create jewelry that captures nature’s beauty and joy

Fun fact, I never sketch out my next piece. It’s all about intuitively holding the stones in my hands and matching them by color, texture, and shape until it looks and feels just right.


I’m on a quest for self-mastery with my jewelry. I want my work to be timeless, beautiful, and sturdy. I have reworked pieces multiple times, or even recycled the parts rather than having a piece that doesn’t sing for me. 



I am pledging my business to have a low as possible carbon footprint and a high as possible social benefit. Already, my studio and household uses power generated from biomass and other renewable power sources.

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I use recyclable packaging and office supplies where possible, including bubble and foam wrap left over from my move. It has been difficult to get good answers, but I have begun checking whether my beads have been ethically sourced. I’ll be sure to identify beads that I can establish they have been ethically sourced. For instance, my Precious Metal Silver and Sterling Silver pieces use recycled silver from old photo negatives.

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I donate 1% of my proceeds to the charitable organizations that support keeping our planet clean and healthy.



You can help, too, by buying my nature-inspired jewelry. Follow me on this journey on my blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

My one-of-a-kind designs radiate your love of nature or ancient times. 


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