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Today's environment has all kinds of hazards. Cell tower frequencies, device frequencies, GMO, food, air and water pollutants, etc. I believe in natural health. I have been discovering a bunch of natural products that don't have toxic side effects like much of today's pharmaceuticals. Below are links to safe products that I support and believe in.

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Sells detox and healthy supplements.

Disclaimer, I am an Affilitate and I receive a small commission per purchase through this link.


We’re Really Picky

There are over 500 million farms in the world, but we only work with the few that follow organic, sustainable practices for our trusted fruits and veggies. The right crop, soil, and land management really does make a difference.

We Keep Our Cool

Our farm to bottle approach means organic plants harvested at the peak of ripeness and then quickly and gently processed without damaging heat or chemical solvents. It’s a freshness you can smell, taste and feel.

We Package Green

We hate foam packaging peanuts too. So we never used them. Instead our bottles are earth-friendly amber glass, carefully wrapped in protective paper. Not only is it recyclable, it also makes it easier to find what’s inside the box.

We Protect Nutrients

Plants may love sunlight, but once they’re harvested you have to keep them in the dark to protect the goodness within. Our packaging shields delicate nutrients from oxidizing light so you get the full measure of nutrition in every serving.

We Live in the Clouds

We don’t just dream about changing the world, we use cloud technology to bring a talented team to the table. With 250+ hours per year per person saved from traffic, it’s a good working environment AND good for the environment!

We Look Long-Term

While we deliver fast and convenient, everything we do is built to last. We plan to leave the world a better place than we found it. Our commitment is to people and planet. In everything we do we think of the generations to come.




Protect yourself and your family from 5G and other nasty frequencies from today's technology. Also has detox products.

Disclaimer, I am an Affilitate and I receive a small commission per purchase through this link.


A system strongly supported by science and research utilizing energy wellness technology to support your body from the outside in bringing it back into balance.

Our Next Evolution Wellness approach addresses the issue of balancing the body's energies with our unique line of Wearable Wellness products.

One of our flagship products is called the Cellular Protect Disc which cancels out the harmful effects to the body from EMF radiation.

The Cellular Protect Disc is placed on Cell Phones, WiFi's, Computer Screens, Tablets or any other electronic device generating harmful EMF radiation and renders it harmless to the body.

We also have Wearable Wellness products that Relieve Pain, help your Sleep, give you more Energy and Focus, and even build Muscle Mass …

You can check out all our reviews on the Wearable Wellness products and feel confident that our technologies work…

We even back it up with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Body Align has been in business for over 10 years and headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA.

Its corporate structure consists of individuals with more than 100 years of combined experience in health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, sports, and energy wellness technology.

Body Align has developed partnerships with medical professionals and scientists to develop a well–researched, scientifically-based energy wellness system that keeps your body perfectly balanced and functioning optimally.




Has health products for detox, energy and focus and restore. 

Disclaimer, Affilitate is Sacha Stone and he receives a small commission per purchase through this link.