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Email: - Preferred method of contact - you will get the fastest results emailing me.

if you need assistance. Please send an email.  I will respond as soon as I can. If you email me, please leave as much information as possible. Include the Order Number if applicable. Or if you have questions about a specific item, please include the SKU number or a link to the item's page, or at a minimum, please include the full Item Name (and option, if applicable).

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- Note, this is a P.O. type box, not the location of my studio which is in my personal home and not public.

Gaia's Song Jewelry

c/o Denise Hershey

11575 SW Pacific Highway #177

Tigard, Oregon 97223


503-253-2669 - Leave a message. I do not pick up for phone numbers I don't recognize. I prefer an email - see above.


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If your Deni Marie Classique item doesn't make you happy during the first 30 days after purchase you can return it no questions asked.