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Quality Confidence:

I don’t want to buy now, but maybe I will in the future.

There is a wish list for you to use, however since each piece is one-of-a-kind, it could be sold before you come back. I encourage you to join the Gaia's Song Jewelry newsletter to keep up with Gaia's Song Jewelry news. As a member you will get a chance to see and shop new one-of-a-kind pieces on a secret page before they are posted on the main website.

I'm nervous about buying this without being able to touch it first.

Or What if I don't like it when I receive it? Or it doesn't match my outfit?

I want my customers to be delighted with their Gaia's Song Jewelry pieces. I do my best to take faithful pictures of the items and I try to describe it fully, but if you receive it and it doesn't meet your satisfaction I offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. You can return your purchase within 30 days, and I will pay for the return postage and will refund the full price you paid - no questions asked. 

There is more detailed information in the Satisfaction Guarantee policy. Be sure to read it in full before you purchase.


To ensure the item is a desirable size, it will be helpful for you to take note of the dimensions provided in the Details of a piece.

  • For necklaces, measure a length of string to the same measurement of the necklace. Put this length around your neck and imagine the piece being that length. Take note of the size of the pendant and imagine it on the string. You may even want to put on the garment that you will wear with it to see how the necklines align.
  • For earrings, take note of the full product length and if needed, measure some string for the length and hold it up to your ear to see how long it is.

I’m nervous buying online!

This website uses a Secure Shopping Cart. I do not have access to your personal information.

Are all pieces One-of-a-kind?


I do re-sell chains, cords, and pendants that I like. However, every piece I design and make is totally unique considering all the materials used. Only one lucky customer will become the owner of the piece. I may have similar items in other colors, or in the case of earrings, I may use a vastly different earwire with a similar dangle. When you compare them, there are always noticeable differences between the similar pieces. When working with stone pendants, each stone has its own composition and pattern of materials. For example, I have several pairs of Fossilized Coral drop earrings. The shape may be similar, but each has its own unique earwire and of course, the pattern of the coral is different in each drop. I hand-pick the stones for their unique beauty. I pass up tons of stones with the same material that are not up to my standards. I encourage you to snap up a piece that you resonate with as soon as you can before someone buys it first. Please see my Satisfaction Guarantee policy. I want you to absolutely love the piece, or I'll take it back. All my pieces are unique and inspired by nature. I hand-craft them in my home studio in Portland, Oregon. You will receive the exact piece that is pictured in the listing.

Components Used:

Design Quality Information:

I want to make the most beautiful and durable jewelry possible. All Gaia's Song Jewelry is constructed with techniques that ensure they are durable as well as beautiful.

When I use wire in necklaces, I use wire guards and crimp covers to create a neat and lasting connection.


My silver work uses .999 fine silver or .925 sterling silver. I use precious metal clay which uses silver recycled from old negatives


and they are designed and constructed with love by me in my studio in Portland Oregon. I do not have any assistants. My designs are meant to be timeless. I don't necessarily follow the current "fads".


I personally hand-pick stones for their unique beauty, rather than ordering them sight unseen. I choose them for their beauty and quality. I pass up tons of stones with the same material that are not up to my standards.


When I'm not stringing with natural fibers like silk, cotton, waxed linen, bamboo, leather, or hemp, I use flex wire. Flex wire is micro wires twisted together and coated with a thin nylon coating. Flex wire drapes nicely, yet has much more strength than a single metal wire does. I generally use wire guards and cover my crimps with nice crimp covers to give the jewelry a fine finished look. I test each piece that I make to ensure it is comfortable to wear and durable to last a long time.


  • If you would like a different stone and if I have the stone you want in that configuration on hand or if I can find one like that, I may be able to make you a custom piece.
  • I may be able to substitute a stone of a different color if I have the color you request, or can find it.
  • I do not copy another artist and I do not copy mass produced jewelry.
  • If you want to collaborate with me to create a unique piece, I am willing to discuss this with you.

For any customization inquiry, I will send you pictures of the proposed design changes for your approval before customizing the piece. You will agree that once you approve the design changes you will commit to buying the customized piece.

Helpful links: 

Do your pictures convey the true color of the item?

Pictures may be enlarged to show detail - see description for actual size.


Pictures are taken under natural and/or broad spectrum light to demonstrate the colors of the piece.

The colors you see may vary due to the color calibration of each monitor or device.

The colors on this picture are using the true color codes for Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. If they don't look right, use a different monitor/device to view my pieces so you can get a better idea of the actual color.

Customization Options:

Can I substitute a different ear wire?

Yes, contact me for a list of ear wires I currently have available and we can work out a custom order.

  • I have surgical steel if you are allergic. No additional cost.

  • You can substitute a different style of ear wire. If it is similar, there will be no additional cost.

  • You can also request an upgrade to 24k gold or Fine or Sterling Silver for an additional cost.


Can I substitute a different clasp on necklaces?

Yes, contact me for a list of clasps I currently have available and we can work out a custom order.

  • I have lots of different toggle clasps available

  • I have simple and fancy lobster claw clasps available


Can I request to customize to a different length?

Each necklace comes in one length, identified in the description. If you wish a longer or shorter length, contact me to see if it is feasible or not. Since these are one-of-a-kind, I may not have more of a specific bead used in the piece. In these cases, I may be able to lengthen it using a different design pattern using other compatible beads I have on hand that would complement the piece. I will send you pictures of the proposed design changes for your approval before customizing the piece. You will agree that once you approve the design changes you will commit to buying the customized piece.

Can you make this with another stone?

Perhaps, if I have the stone you want in that configuration on hand or if I can find one like that. Please contact me to discuss this. 

Can I have this in another color?

Perhaps if I have that color or can find it. Please contact me to discuss this.


Free Shipping, Gift Wrap, and Packaging Information:

Is Shipping free on all items?

  • All US Domestic shipping is by the US Post Office Priority mail at no cost to the buyer.
  • The default shipping is United States Postal Service Priority shipping which is free for shipping within the US. If you request or require other shipping modes, we are flexible and are willing to discuss this, however you will be responsible for the additional costs.
  • See Return Policy for cancellations requested after you receive confirmation that the order has been shipped.
  • The international buyer is responsible for VAT or other customs costs incurred on the purchase.
  • International customers are charged $20 for international shipping if their country can be shipped to using the United States Postal Service Priority International shipping. All other shipping fees for international countries will need to be researched and agreed  upon by both parties before the item is shipped. If no agreement can be made, Gaia's Song Jewelry reserves the right to cancel the order and refund all monies paid.

All US Domestic shipping is by the US Post Office Priority mail at no cost to the buyer. International customers can use the coupon code SHIPDISCOUNT for a discount.

Can I request gift wrapping and packaging?

As you check out, you can choose from an array of gift wrapping options.

Standard packaging is a kraft cardboard gift box with padding. The default is USPS Priority, it will be in a USPS Priority box with bubble wrap to stabilize it. I use recycled padding when possible. For example, I have several big boxes with bubble and foam that was used when I moved to my new location.

Do you ship immediately?

These one-of-a-kind products have already been constructed and are usually available immediately.

I strive for next business day shipping.

Occasionally, it could take up to 5  business days because I'm out of town doing a show. I will have a shop announcement and a message on the home page if I will be on an extended trip. If there is no announcement or message, it won't hurt to include a note when checking out if you absolutely need it shipped by the next day and I will do my best to ensure it is shipped as soon as possible.


Ethical and Ecological Information:

Can you make me a piece like someone else makes?

No, I do not copy another artist and I do not copy mass produced jewelry. If you want to collaborate with me to create a unique piece, I am willing to discuss this with you.


Tell me about your carbon footprint.


  • My shop is powered by electricity generated by biomass.
  • I use Sustainable Forestry Initiative paper in my office.
  • For packaging, everything including the bubble wrap or foam padding is recycled or recyclable.
  • I am fond of shopping thrift shops for furniture and props, rather than buying new.

Are your stones and beads ethically sourced?

For most of my stones, I do not know if they are or not. I do my best to determine if they are or are not before buying. Many times, I don’t get a satisfactory answer. If I know a piece has been ethically sourced, I will mention it in the description. If I don't mention it, that means I don't know. For instance I do know that my  .999 Sterling Silver precious metal clay pieces are made from silver recycled from photo negatives.