Design and Quality

I want to make the most beautiful and durable jewelry possible.

All Gaia's Song Jewelry is constructed with techniques that ensure they are durable as well as beautiful.


When I use wire in necklaces, I use wire guards and crimp covers to create a neat and lasting connection. 



All my designs are one-of-a-kind


My silver work uses .999 fine silver or .925 sterling silver. I use precious metal clay which uses silver recycled from old negatives.


and they are designed


and constructed with love by me in my studio in Portland Oregon. I do not have any assistants. My designs are meant to be timeless. I don't necessarily follow the current "fads".


I personally hand-pick stones for their unique beauty, rather than ordering them sight unseen. I choose them for their beauty and quality. I pass up tons of stones with the same material that are not up to my standards.


When I'm not stringing with natural fibers like silk, cotton, waxed linen, bamboo, leather, or hemp, I use flex wire. Flex wire is micro wires twisted together and coated with a thin nylon coating. Flex wire drapes nicely, yet has much more strength than a single metal wire does. I generally use wire guards and cover my crimps with nice crimp covers to give the jewelry a fine finished look. I test each piece that I make to ensure it is comfortable to wear and durable to last a long time.

Please see my Satisfaction Guarantee policy. I want you to absolutely love the piece, or I'll take it back.


Customization and Custom Work

Each necklace comes in one length, identified in the description. If you wish a longer or shorter length, contact me to see if it is feasible or not. Since these are one-of-a-kind, I may not have more of a specific bead used in the piece. In these cases, I may be able to lengthen it using a different design pattern using other compatible beads I have on hand that would complement the piece.


  • If you would like a different stone and if I have the stone you want in that configuration on hand or if I can find one like that, I may be able to make you a custom piece.
  • I may be able to substitute a stone of a different color if I have the color you request, or can find it.
  • I do not copy another artist and I do not copy mass produced jewelry.
  • If you want to collaborate with me to create a unique piece, I am willing to discuss this with you.

For any customization inquiry, I will send you pictures of the proposed design changes for your approval before customizing the piece. You will agree that once you approve the design changes you will commit to buying the customized piece.