Have you noticed the new short videos?

Posted by Denise Hershey on Feb 3rd 2023

Lately, I took the plunge and I made some very short 30 - 40-sec videos of my silver jewelry. It's so hard to capture the details of a silver piece in a single photo. A video is a better medium becaus … read more

​Esoteric Fine Silver Zodiac and Tarot Pieces Now available!

Posted by Denise Hershey on Dec 26th 2022

I can’t believe 2022 is over! What a blur it was. I spent most of the year coming up with new .999 Fine Silver pendants, earrings, coins and bars with zodiac signs and tarot cards. They hav … read more

New Stone Earrings using leather loops

Posted by Denise Hershey on Jan 17th 2022

I always love buying matching pairs of stones that are earring sized. Last summer I came across a bunch of them and while I was waiting for my silver pieces to be processed in the kiln, I learned a ne … read more

Introducing the Hot Air Balloon Collection in Fine Silver !

Posted by Denise Hershey on Jan 17th 2022

View / Shop the Fine Silver Hot Air Balloon Collection here:'s a 1 minute video showing how the original one shimmers when it move … read more

Fun with Daily Cards

Posted by Denise Hershey on Sep 28th 2021

Recently I acquired a bunch of different daily cards and their meanings. Some are tarot and some are other interesting themes. Some are totally Gaia oriented, for instance, the Botanical Inspiratio … read more

Free Stone and Metal Polishing Oct 16/17 2021

Posted by Denise Hershey on Sep 27th 2021

I will be one of the artists at the 2021 Washington County (Oregon) Open Studio Tour on Oct 16/17 from 10 - 5.In addition to having all of my jewelry for sale, I will also be doing free polishing on o … read more