Slip-knot adjustable cords - DIY instructions!

I love to wear stone pendants. Some people like to wear them on a cord that is long enough to fit over their head. I like to wear them tighter around my neck than that. In the past I would tie the cord tighter and then when it’s time to remove it, I would have a terrible time trying to untie it

A good solution to this problem is to tie the cord in such a way that it is adjustable. Many of my exotic pendants and even my some of my Gaia pendants come with an adjustable cord. 


But what if you want something different or you want to do this to another cord you have? If you are local to the Portland, Oregon area I would be very happy to have you come over and we can come up with the perfect solution. If that’s not a good option, I will be happy to email back and forth with you to figure out what is best. Maybe you would want to use your own cord or chain or you may want to shorten the cord it comes with.

If you are a bit adventurous you can learn the sliding knot and customize your cord yourself. This knotting is a bit complicated, but anyone can learn it. Below I’ll put some links to several easy to follow directions I found just by searching in Pinterest for “DIY sliding knot”: These are from fellow jewelry artists who took the time to create easy directions: