Domed Disc Lacy Long Earrings (Fine Silver)

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These extra long earwires and extra large disc shaped earrings are great for those of you with lots of hair. The lacy, almost snowflake pattern is made with .999 fine silver. The large earring and long oval sized ear wire lets the earrings wobble as you move, creating the illusion of not being tethered to your ear. The ear wire is sterling silver and made by me. 

This unique one of a kind item was designed and hand crafted by Denise Hershey of Gaia's Song Jewelry.


  • Height 65 mm 
  • Width 32 mm
  • Thickness 2 mm
  • Weight 12 gm (both) each earring is 5 gms of .999 fine silver
  • .999 Fine Silver

height-65mm-200x200.png width-32-mm-200x200.png thick-2mm-200x200.png weight-12-gm-200x200.png 999-fine-silver-200x200.png

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