Necklace - Kazuri Purple with Jade and Agate on Sterling Silver (20 inches)

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Kazuri Beads are made in Kenya. Kazuri is the swahili word for "small & beautiful". Their Hand-made, hand-painted beads are the result of more than 31 years of experience. They have been perfected to compete world-wide to suit every fashion in every country for every season. 

This Kazuri bead has rich greens, cobalt blue, and purple. The strand is purple and green agates and glass. The toggle is sterling silver and made by me.

This unique one of a kind item was designed and hand crafted by Denise Hershey of Gaia's Song Jewelry.


  • Length 20 in 
  • Thickness 12 mm
  • Weight 22 gm
  • copper
  • Kazuri bead
  • Agate
  • Glass

length-20.0-inches-200x200.png thick-10mm-200x200.png weight-22-gm-200x200.png sterling-silver-200x200.png

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