Paintbrush Jasper Total Eclipse Pendant (Fine Silver) (18 inches)

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Located at a Gallery. Please contact Denise@GaiasSongJewelry to check on Availability. If it has not been sold, I can ship within 7 business days. If this one-of-a-kind item has been sold, I will not be able to produce another one exactly like it
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This is the medium-small sized pendant in the Eclipse Collection. I love the stone because it looks like the a leopard or the Moon's surface.


During a solar eclipse, there is an effect known as the Diamond Ring. At this point in the solar eclipse, the sun is just starting to emerge from behind the moon. Along with the halo of the sun behind the moon, a brilliant light like a gemstone appears briefly.

I have captured this moment of the eclipse in these pendants. Out of the chaos of the universe, a stone represents a moon. The diamond is shining on the right, and at the left, streamers from the sun trail off into space. The back side is studded with fireworks signifying that not only have we emerged from the depths of the darkness, but we can celebrate a re-start of our human existence that provides a level playing field for all of humanity.

This unique one of a kind item was designed and hand crafted by Denise Hershey of Gaia's Song Jewelry.

The pendant comes on a sterling sliver chain.


  • Height 37 mm 
  • Width 50 mm
  • Thickness 7 mm
  • Weight 20 gm - (15 gm .999 Fine Silver)
  • .999 Fine Silver
  • 17 inch sterling silver chain
  • Paintbrush Jasper stone




height-37mm-200x200.png width-50-mm-200x200.png thick-7mm-200x200.png weight-20-gm-200x200.png 999-fine-silver-200x200.png

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