Pendant - Fine Silver Hot Air Balloon with Oregon Serpentine

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The stone in this piece was the one that inspired me to come up with the hot-air balloon series. The stone is a perfect shape like a hot-air balloon. Even the markings are similar to some balloons. This balloon is suspended on a background of honey-comb shaped clouds. The back has a silver leaf pattern. 

HOT AIR BALLOON collection:

I live right next to a park where once a year, in June, they have a hot-air balloon festival. Each morning of the festival I'm awakened before dawn to the roar of the flames of the tanks that fill the balloons with hot air. If you have ever witnessed a hot air being inflated, it is a magical experience. When dozens are being inflated at the same time, you are engulfed with the two-second roars of the flames as they pop off randomly all around you. My hubby and I would get up and go to our upstairs back deck and lean over to see the balloons rising one-by-one into the sky above the trees that separate our neighborhood from the park. 

Each balloon has its own designs. Many are just colorful patches of bright colors in a random design. Some have geometric designs and others have been creatively designed into a character or animal. It's a wonderful experience and I look forward to it every year.

When I was looking into my collection of stones that I have for making jewelry pieces, an Oregon Serpentine teardrop was lying with the pointy side down. Instantly, I flashed back to hot-air balloons. I ended up making three Hot-Air Balloon pendants with stones and fine silver. While I was at it, I used the same textures I used on the hot-air balloon pieces and I made silver teardrops and other shapes that I put into earrings and pendants. I even made a necklace pendant and earrings that have a silver teardrop with a "basket" or gondola suspended from it. This project has been so much fun!

This unique one of a kind item was designed and hand crafted by Denise Hershey of Gaia's Song Jewelry.

The pendant can be put on ribbon, cord or a chain. See above for options with no additional cost. I also have deluxe chains available (sold separately at 


  • Height 50 mm 
  • Width 38 mm
  • Thickness 7 mm
  • Weight 19 gm - (10.5 gm .999 Fine Silver)
  • .999 Fine Silver
  • Oregon Serpentine








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Additional Info

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