Introducing the Hot Air Balloon Collection in Fine Silver !

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Here's a 1 minute video showing how the original one shimmers when it moves: 

Oregon Serpentine Stone


For the last 6 weeks, I've been working on a hot new idea I had about Hot Air Balloons. I was inspired by an Oregon Serpentine stone teardrop that was upside down (i.e. pointy side down) and it reminded me of a hot air balloon. I ended up finding two more stones that made suitable balloons. The results are these three pendants and a lot of simplified pendants and earrings using the same textures and shapes as the original three pendants.

Unakite stone.


Moss Agate stone.


Here's a lightweight version with a dangling gondola or basket.


And of course, matching earrings!


How about an even more simple "balloon"?


 Or turn it upside down

Or similar to the basket / gondola


And of course, similar forms in pendants:


And, oh heck, throw in some hearts!